5 Tips for Renting First Office Space

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People who want to open a business will definitely need a place to run the business and the place is called an office. Business people do not have to make an office first because the office can be obtained by renting. If you want to rent an office, you should rent an office that is environmentally friendly so that later once it is occupied, it will not pollute the environment.

Indeed, business people and companies must continue to take part in protecting the environment, just like Korindo, which is known as a pioneering company in environmental preservation. So when it comes to renting an office, you also have to pay attention to environmentally friendly aspects.

Important Things in Renting an Office

It will not be easy for business people to run their business if they do not have a special place to carry out various business processes. The main task that must be carried out by business people is to find an office first because without an office it will be difficult not only to run a business but also to find consumers.

Consumers are indeed more interested in buying products at businesses that already have offices because businesses that already have offices can certainly be trusted, so consumers dare to buy products at these places. So that later you can gain consumer trust like that, you should have an office first and to be able to get a good office, pay attention to the following things.

  • Needs of Business Players

Renting an office is indeed easier to do in this modern era because many developers rent out buildings to be used as offices. As a business person who needs an office, you should first know what the office is for, if the office is only used for business matters, you can choose an office that is not too big.

If later the office is used as an employee’s workplace, then you have to choose a large place because employees may feel uncomfortable when working if they are in a narrow room. So you really have to consider the function of the office in terms of choosing an office so you don’t feel at a loss later.

  • Office Location

The location of the office is the most mandatory thing to pay attention to because the location will affect how many consumers a business person can get. When choosing an office, it is mandatory to pay attention to where it is located, if indeed the business wants to progress, you should choose an office that is in a strategic location.

If the office is in a strategic location, it will be very easy to find, so the opportunity to acquire consumers will be even greater. An office can be said to have a good location if the office is in the city center or close to public facilities made by the government. But to get an office like that is rather difficult because the office rental price is very expensive.

  • Office Size

As previously discussed, the size of the office is indeed the most important thing because whether or not employees are comfortable working depends on the size of the office. In order to get a comfortable office, you must first know the number of employees who are important to occupy the office and also know how much office space is needed.

If you don’t have too many employees whose rooms are not too big, for those who have a lot of employees it is mandatory to rent a large room but if you can’t get one like that you can change the office partition to make it look wider. By getting an office that is large enough, employees will not experience difficulties when working due to limited space for movement.

  • Number of Office Rooms

Business people who want to be successful in running their business must be careful when choosing an office. During this election, it is mandatory to know in advance how much total space will be needed. For businesses that are not too large in scale, they usually only need a few rooms, such as rooms where employees work, meeting rooms and also rooms for storing products.

An office that only has that kind of room usually doesn’t cost too much to rent, but if you want to rent an office with more space, the rent will definitely be much higher. If you really need an office that has quite a lot of space, but with little funds, you can still rent an office that is small in size. You only need to customize the office space so that you can get all the space you need.

  • Rental costs

Renting an office, of course, must arrange the cost of renting the office, business people are required to prepare a budget so that later they will know how much money is needed to be able to get the office they want. So that later you don’t spend too much money, you should determine the period of office rental in advance.

If you’re just starting a business, you shouldn’t rent an office for too long because you don’t know if the business will run well or not. But if you have previously run an online business and already know the business opportunity is good, you can rent it for a long time at once. Usually, if you rent for a long period of time, you can get a discount.

How to Organize Office Space to Be Comfortable

If you have got an office, it is mandatory to arrange the office so that later when using the office you can feel comfortable so that the business process runs without obstacles. So that later the office can be comfortable like that, follow the correct office arrangement procedures below.

  • Use Useful Furniture

In order for the office to be used, it requires furniture and the furniture that should be used is furniture that really has benefits, so it’s not just to decorate office space. For the most important furniture that must be owned first are chairs, tables and also cabinets. So that later you don’t change furniture too often, you can choose furniture that is made of quality materials, as implemented by Korindo Group Profile.

Apart from having to choose quality furniture, you also need to arrange the furniture properly so that later the office space that is actually narrow can look wider. The correct way to arrange furniture is to position the furniture in an easily accessible place and for other furniture it can be placed in the corners of the room.

  • Use soothing wall paint colors

To make the office atmosphere more pleasant, it is better if the office walls are painted using soothing paint colors. The best colors to apply to office walls are calm colors such as cream or white. If you want a more lively office atmosphere, you can choose brightly colored wall paint.

When choosing paint colors, you also have to pay attention to the theme or style of the office room so that later it doesn’t look ugly. Apart from that, you also have to adjust to the color of the furniture used so that later it will be more harmonious so that the office space looks prettier and also more pleasing to the eye.

If you can create an atmosphere like that, employee productivity will increase and this can make the company earn more profits. For now, a company that already has a comfortable office to work in and is also environmentally friendly, one of which is Korindo.