Measuring the Impact of Korindo Foundation’s Sustainable Projects

Korindo Foundation is the non-profit arm of Korindo Group, a company with diversified business interests in various sectors such as natural resources, manufacturing, and logistics. Korindo Group has operations in several countries, including Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, and South Korea.

Sustainability has become an essential part of our lives. Many individuals, companies, and organizations have come forward to support sustainable projects. Among them, Korindo Foundation has emerged as a significant contributor to sustainable development. The foundation has initiated many projects that are positively impacting communities and the environment. In this article, we will measure the impact of Korindo Foundation’s sustainable projects and understand how they are creating a positive change.


Korindo Foundation is a non-profit organization that aims to improve the quality of life for people and the environment. The foundation has initiated many sustainable projects in Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, and Liberia. The projects are focused on five main areas: education, health, economic development, environmental conservation, and disaster relief.


The foundation has taken various initiatives to improve education in the areas they operate. They have constructed schools, provided scholarships, and supplied educational materials. They have also organized training programs for teachers, which have resulted in an improvement in the quality of education. By investing in education, the foundation has given children the tools they need to shape their future.


Korindo Foundation has taken steps to improve health conditions in the areas where they operate. They have constructed health clinics, provided medical equipment and medicines, and organized health education programs. The foundation has also helped to prevent the spread of diseases through the distribution of mosquito nets and clean water. By investing in health, the foundation has helped to create a healthier population.

Economic Development

The foundation has initiated many projects to promote economic development in the areas they operate. They have provided training for farmers, supplied farming equipment, and established markets for agricultural products. They have also provided support for small businesses and entrepreneurs. By investing in economic development, the foundation has helped to create a more prosperous society.

Environmental Conservation

Korindo Foundation is committed to protecting the environment. They have initiated various projects to prevent deforestation and promote reforestation. They have also implemented sustainable farming practices and promoted renewable energy. By investing in environmental conservation, the foundation has helped to create a greener and more sustainable future.

Disaster Relief

The foundation has also provided disaster relief in areas affected by natural disasters. They have provided emergency supplies, temporary housing, and medical assistance. By providing disaster relief, the foundation has helped to mitigate the impact of natural disasters and helped affected communities recover.

Measuring the Impact

Measuring the impact of sustainable projects is essential to ensure their effectiveness. Korindo Foundation has developed a comprehensive impact measurement system that measures the impact of their projects on the environment and communities. The system measures various indicators such as changes in income levels, health conditions, and environmental quality. The data collected is used to evaluate the effectiveness of the projects and identify areas for improvement.


Korindo Foundation’s sustainable projects have made a significant impact on the environment and communities. The foundation’s initiatives in education, health, economic development, environmental conservation, and disaster relief have helped to create a positive change. By investing in sustainability, the foundation has created a brighter future for the people and the planet.

Bamsoet Appreciates the Contribution of Korindo Group’s Chairman to the National Economy

Chairman of the People’s Consultative Assembly of the Republic of Indonesia, Bambang Soesatyo, presented Korindo Group Chairman Seung Eun Ho with an honor, a medal, and a plaque in recognition of his contribution, role, and consistency in growing Indonesia’s economy through the Korindo Group, which began a series of South Korean investments inland in 1969.

“Another cause for awarding these medals is to commemorate the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Indonesia and South Korea. Through its diverse business divisions and 2.5 billion USD in investments, Korindo Group has contributed to maximizing our country’s economic potential and enhancing local welfare for over fifty years. Bamsoet, Soesatyo’s moniker, stated in a press release on Thursday (12/1/2023) that the company has over 20,000 employees, of which 99 percent, or 19,800, are local workers.

He then listed the business divisions of the Korindo Group, which include industries like plantations, forestry and wood processing, paper manufacturing, wind energy, heavy industry, logistics, commerce, real estate, and banking services.

“In addition to increasing local labor absorption, Korindo Group demonstrates its social responsibility by contributing to the development of social infrastructure and by actively participating in social and charitable activities across the country through Korindo Foundation.”

Bamsoet described how Korindo Group had constructed 9 PAUDs (a combination of playgrounds and kindergartens), 9 kindergartens, 13 elementary schools, 6 junior high schools, 3 high schools, and 2 libraries on the mainland. The company also constructed religious structures, including 23 mosques, 13 churches, and seven cathedrals. The company’s contribution and sense of responsibility are exemplified by its assistance with hospital construction, public facility development, the provision of study facilities and tools, and the awarding of scholarships to tens of thousands of high-achieving Indonesian schoolchildren.

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“Not only that, there are environmental conservation actions, housing development assistance, community health facilities and service delivery, funding for MSMEs (micro, small, and medium enterprises), humanitarian aid for natural disaster victims, staple food allocation for the poor, personal protective equipment and logistics distribution for the COVID-19 pandemic, and many others, which are consistently made throughout the country,” he stated.

Soesatyo added that Korindo’s success in spearheading Korean business investments in Indonesia and promoting a broader economic partnership between the two countries would not have been feasible without Chairman Seung’s expertise as the company’s central figure and leader.

In light of this, he hoped that these honors and recognition would encourage Korindo Group to remain active and continue contributing to the nation’s economic recovery, which is currently underway.

“Korindo Group is also willing to contribute to the development of Nusantara Capital City (IKN) in East Kalimantan. 800 hectares of Korindo’s 100,000 hectares of land in the region will be utilized for industrial and other purposes to guarantee the success of the city. This demonstrates how Korindo’s economic diplomacy significantly contributes to the improvement of bilateral relations and cooperation between our country and Korea.

MPR members Jazilul Fawaid, Hidayat Nur Wahid, and Fadel Muhammad, as well as DPR’s Robert Kardinal, attended the ceremony at the MPR/DPR/DPD building in Jakarta. Also present were Vice Chairman Park In Chul, Vice President Jo Myung Kook, Managing Director Kim Young Cheol, President Director Song Chang Geun, Secretary General Seo Jeong Sik, President Director Moon Jin Seok, Managing Director Lee Kang Hwan, and Managing Director Ahn Geun Hyo.

Korindo is becoming a more environmental friendly company

By making strides in each of its business segments, Korindo Group recognizes the need to evolve into a more ecologically friendly organization. The company works with the Cibubur Square Rest Area as one example of this to address difficulties with the disposal of organic garbage. A bioconversion waste processing plant using BSF (Black Soldier Flies) as its biological agent is part of the public facility run by Korindo Group.

“Many locations continue to use poor methods of managing food waste, which have long-term detrimental effects on both the environment and human health.” “We created this facility for that reason,” the general secretary of the Korindo Foundation, Seo Jeongsik, remarked.

The bioconversion method is not only advantageous for the environment but also reasonably safe for the neighborhood and community. The Black Soldier Fly is unique among the 800 fly species that exist on Earth since it is not harmful and doesn’t carry any disease-causing substances.

The foundation and Forest For Life Indonesia have worked together twice, most recently on this project (FFLI). In West Nusa Tenggara’s Lombok, they constructed a comparable facility in 2018.

In particular, when growing its operations, Korindo Group has worked hard for years to be more environmentally responsible. Because it uses recycled materials, its Paper Division has received recognition from the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) as an eco-friendly paper manufacturer.

Recycling is one method for addressing environmental issues brought on by deforestation, as is common knowledge. Korindo Group upholds the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System despite employing recycled materials and paying attention to product quality.

One of the biggest suppliers of newsprint in Southeast Asia is Korindo’s Paper Division. With a combined annual capacity of 330,000 metric tons, the mill is equipped with paper and DIP (deinked pulp) machines. The Division collaborates with a number of prestigious media firms, both domestically and internationally, because it has such a huge capacity (in Japan, the United States, and European countries).

The sole manufacturer of wind towers in the area with more than 50 years of experience is Korindo Group. Wind towers can be used by industries to generate environmentally safe, renewable energy.

In addition to being certified for ISO 9001:2000, ISO 14001:2000, and The National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessels DIN 18800-7 Class E Japan H-Grade, the facility has a yearly production capacity of 500 towers. Today, more than 3,000 towers totaling 6 gigawatts have been built and deployed globally.

There is plenty to be proud of for Korindo Group, a dominant force in a number of Southeast Asian markets. We have grown our company over the course of our 50 years of existence by significantly advancing the economic prosperity of the nation while sustaining ecologically responsible, forward-thinking business practices.


Korindo Wind: A Sustainable Energy Solution for a Brighter Future


The world is in dire need of sustainable energy sources, and wind energy is one of the most promising solutions. With the increasing concern for the environment and the urgent need to reduce carbon emissions, wind power has emerged as a clean and renewable energy source that can help power our homes, businesses, and communities. In this article, we will take a closer look at Korindo, a company dedicated to harnessing the power of wind for a brighter and more sustainable future.

Korindo Wind is a leading provider of wind energy solutions, offering innovative and high-quality wind turbines that are designed to provide reliable and cost-effective power. With a deep commitment to sustainability and a passion for advancing the use of renewable energy, Korindo Wind is dedicated to providing the world with the clean, safe, and renewable energy it needs to power its future.

At the heart of Korindo Wind’s mission is a belief in the transformative power of wind energy. With years of experience in the industry and a talented team of engineers and experts, Korindo Wind is well-positioned to bring the benefits of wind energy to communities all around the world. Whether you are looking to power your home or business, or are a utility company seeking to expand your energy mix, Korindo Wind has the expertise and the technology to help you achieve your goals.

One of the key advantages of wind energy is its scalability. Wind turbines can be installed at a variety of scales, from small residential systems to large-scale utility projects. This makes it a versatile and flexible solution that can be tailored to meet the unique needs of each community and customer. Additionally, wind energy is a clean and renewable energy source that does not produce harmful emissions, making it an ideal solution for communities and businesses looking to reduce their carbon footprint.

Korindo Wind is also committed to providing high-quality customer service and support. With a team of experts on hand to help with installation and maintenance, customers can rest assured that their wind turbine system will provide reliable and cost-effective power for years to come. Additionally, Korindo Wind offers a range of financing options to help make the transition to wind energy more affordable, including power purchase agreements, leasing, and financing through partner banks.

In conclusion, Korindo Wind is a leading provider of wind energy solutions that is committed to delivering sustainable, reliable, and cost-effective power to communities all around the world. Whether you are an individual seeking to power your home or a business looking to reduce your carbon footprint, Korindo Wind has the expertise and technology to help you achieve your goals. By investing in wind energy today, we can help build a brighter and more sustainable future for generations to come.

Korindo Wind is a leading provider of wind energy solutions that offers innovative and high-quality wind turbines for a sustainable and renewable energy future. With a commitment to sustainability, Korindo Wind provides wind energy solutions that are designed to provide reliable and cost-effective power for homes, businesses, and communities. The scalability of wind energy, combined with its clean and renewable properties, makes it an ideal solution for reducing carbon emissions and achieving a more sustainable energy mix. Korindo Wind also offers high-quality customer service and support, and a range of financing options, making the transition to wind energy more accessible and affordable. Invest in wind energy today and help build a brighter, more sustainable future with Korindo Wind.