7 Easy Ways to Make an Environmentally Friendly Company

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Working in an office is indeed the most enjoyable thing because you don’t have to feel the heat of the sun in the field, but sometimes working in a company feels boring because the atmosphere is just like that. To change the office atmosphere to be not boring and still feel comfortable, it is necessary to change the company to be environmentally friendly.

Definition of an Environmentally Friendly Company

An environmentally friendly company is an excellent place to work because a company like that can make the environment unpolluted. Currently, many companies are starting to choose to change their environment to be more environmentally friendly because an unhealthy environment can cause employee performance to decrease.

A study states that the productivity of company employees can increase if the office where they work is environmentally friendly. Such an office can later produce a 26% increase in cognitive function and also a 15% increase in the productivity of office workers. Employees will also be in healthier condition if they work in an office where there is not a lot of waste or air pollution.

Procedures for Creating an Environmentally Friendly Office

As a company owner, you are obliged to pay attention to the health condition of your employees because if the company ignores this, the company may be subject to sanctions. To be able to keep employees in good health even though they continue to work in the office, the method is to change the office atmosphere to be environmentally friendly. To find out how, you can see the following discussion.

  • Take advantage of the Sun

The easiest way to make the office more pleasant is to take advantage of natural light from the sun. If you don’t really need light, you should just turn off the lights in the office. The use of lights that are too long besides being able to use up too much electricity will also decrease the health of employees.

So that later the office will still look bright, you can open a window so that sunlight enters the room. Besides that, it can also allow fresh air from outside to enter the room so you don’t need to use AC anymore. For offices that still use incandescent lamps, you can replace these lamps with LED lamps because these lamps can save up to 75% energy.

  • Create Natural Nuances in the Office

To be able to make the office have a natural feel, the method is very easy, namely by placing several types of plants around the workspace or in the office room. With these plants, the air in the office will be cleaner because plants can absorb pollutants and can also produce fresh air and oxygen.

For plants that can be placed in the office, you don’t need to be large, just choose ornamental plants that can make the office look prettier. To make it feel more natural, you can replace office wall paint with white or cream paint.

  • Separate Organic and Inorganic Waste

So that later it does not pollute the environment, it is mandatory for every office to have a trash can and for trash bins that must be provided, don’t throw away all types of garbage. But there must be a trash can for organic waste and also inorganic waste that cannot be decomposed. Organic waste can be used as fertilizer and plastic waste can be recycled into Eco bricks.

Company leaders also need to remind employees to always dispose of trash in a place according to the type of waste. If indeed employees do not want to comply with these regulations, they can be sanctioned in the form of social sanctions which do not require employees to pay money.

  • Give Directions To Be Able To Do Eco Friendly Behavior

So that later you can continue to apply such an atmosphere, you must invite friends or invite subordinates to continue to carry out Eco Friendly behavior. An example of behavior that is included as Eco Friendly behavior is bringing your own drink bottles and cutlery.

When buying food in the canteen, don’t use the dining area in the canteen, but use your own dining area. If you want to go to work, you can take public transportation, don’t use private transportation because it can make air pollution worse. If it is rather difficult to implement this behavior, you can do it yourself first.

  • Reduce Paper Usage

Every company will certainly often use paper to print important company documents. Even though the paper has a very important role, you should not depend too much on paper, reduce the use of paper because the more you use paper, the more trees will be uprooted.

So that later the use of paper is not too much, the leadership and also the HRD must carry out socialization so that every employee when they have made an important document, do not print it immediately, but save the document on the computer or save it also in cloud storage. Indeed, to use storage like that costs money, but it’s better than spending a lot of paper.

  • Create Sustainable Teams

If you want to form a team, company leaders always give directions so you can continue to maintain the cleanliness of the office and also maintain an environmentally friendly office atmosphere. So that later employees do not forget and always remind employees in every briefing before starting work.

If it turns out that there are new employees, immediately conduct training on environmentally friendly behavior by presenting speakers who are experts in that field. If you can implement this later, it will be the company that will benefit because employee productivity always increases every year.