How to Create an Eco-Friendly Work Environment

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There are still many companies whose environment is not environmentally friendly and companies like that usually experience a lot of losses because many employees feel reluctant to work because the office environment is dirty or filled with waste. So it can be concluded that if you want to move forward, a company must be able to make the environment around the company or the environment in the office to be environmentally friendly or Eco Friendly.

Tips for Changing the Office Environment to be Eco Friendly

For now, a company is required to implement an Eco Friendly environment because having such an environment can benefit the company. One of the benefits that can be felt later is that the company’s monthly expenses have decreased because it no longer uses a lot of electricity after changing the environment to a friendly environment.

If someone says that changing the environment like that is a very difficult thing to do, it is clear that this assumption is very wrong because if there is an intention, everything can work. If you really want to quickly change the environment, you should apply the following tips.

  • Regularly Recycle

The easiest way to change the environment later is to recycle it regularly. Garbage that is no longer used should not be thrown away immediately but choose waste that can be recycled to become new objects that can be used. For example paper waste that has accumulated should be collected for later recycling.

Paper waste like that can still be used if it’s been recycled and it’s not just paper waste that can be utilized there is also electronic waste that can still be utilized. For organic waste should be collected and utilized to be used as organic fertilizer.

  • Use Eco Friendly Products

Apart from having to recycle waste that is no longer useful, it is also necessary to replace products that can pollute the environment with Eco Friendly products. In the past it might have been difficult to obtain these products but now it is much easier because many manufacturers of food products or other explosives choose to use environmentally friendly materials.

From now on, you should provide counseling so that every office employee reduces the use of plastic and paper. All products whose packaging is made of plastic must be reduced in use because plastic is one of the things that is very difficult to recycle. If you used to use plastic straws, you can replace it with paper straws.

  • Place Plants in the Office Room

To make the office atmosphere more Eco Friendly, don’t just put iron and wood furniture, but decorate the office space with green leafy plants. For plants that can be placed in an office space, it is better to have plants that can beautify the office space, for example ornamental plants that have colorful flowers or leaves.

Place these plants in every corner of the office and don’t forget to continue to care for the plants so that later these plants can absorb pollution and continue to produce fresh air and oxygen. Apart from that, you also need to open windows regularly so that sunlight can enter the office so you don’t need to use lights anymore.

Advantages of Implementing an Environmentally Friendly Office

Even though it is rather difficult to be able to get every employee in the office to be able to apply environmentally friendly principles, it still has to be done because there are lots of benefits to be had if the office is environmentally friendly. The benefits that will certainly be felt are increased employee productivity.

Employees who previously felt lazy to work and don’t want to do their work according to deadlines can be enthusiastic about working after the office atmosphere is more natural and also more environmentally friendly. If employees have increased productivity, it can make the company able to get more profits.

Another advantage is that employees’ health is maintained. This is because employees at work no longer breathe dirty air that comes out of the air conditioner. Every time they work, employees can breathe fresh air and also breathe oxygen produced by plants in the work room.