Procedures for Managing Business Legality

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Opening a business or business is not an easy job to do because there are lots of things that must be taken care of before you can run a business properly. For the very first thing that must be taken care of is business legality or business legality. If business people don’t take care of the legality later, it can make the business not run well. To find out how to take care of this legality, read the following brief review.

Procedures for Managing Business Legality

The business will run very well and can generate abundant profits if the business is legal, aka it has been recognized and also allowed by the government. For those who want to run a business for the first time, they definitely don’t know how to take care of legality. Actually, legality arrangements can be done alone or ask for help from other parties.

If you use another party, you usually have to spend money so that later the legality process can be completed quickly. But if you don’t want to use legality management services, you can take care of it yourself by following a number of methods which will be explained below.

  • Taking care of Legal Company Tax

All business people are required to have an Taxpayer Identification Number in the name of the business owner or company owner. If the business being run is an individual business, then only one person needs to have the Taxpayer Identification Number, but if the company to be built is a large company whose shares are owned by several people, then each shareholder must have the Taxpayer Identification Number.

To be able to take care of this Taxpayer Identification Number, now there is no need to go to the Tax Office because the processing of the taxpayer number can be taken care of online by using an application or visiting the official website of the tax office. If it turns out that you can’t take care of it online, you can go directly to the nearest Tax Office.

  • Make Deed of Company Establishment

The next step that must be taken is to draw up the deed of establishment of the company. In fact, the owner of the company does not have to do the deed himself because he can also be represented by another person. But to do that, all must make a power of attorney for the person who will take care of this document. If the designated person already has a power of attorney, you can go directly to an experienced Notary.

Later when compiling this deed, details of the company must be included, such as company name, list of company owners, the number of shares owned by each company owner, line of business and must also include information on organizational structure. If you have done all that, just register the deed of establishment at the Ministry of Law and Human Rights.

  • Taking care of Taxpayer Identification Number on behalf of a company or business entity

Taking care of this Taxpayer Identification Number is actually not too difficult to do if you choose a notary or legal consulting service company that provides a complete service package up to the processing of this Taxpayer Identification Number. But if you want to be more economical, don’t use a notary to take care of the Taxpayer Identification Number but take care of making the Taxpayer Identification Number yourself.

The procedure for obtaining an Taxpayer Identification Number is actually not much different from applying for an Taxpayer Identification Number for business entity owners. The method is to go to the Tax Service Office located at the company’s domicile. Don’t forget to prepare all the documents needed for making the Taxpayer Identification Number.

  • Taking care of Business Identification Number

If the Business Entity that is established is a business entity that offers services or trades in goods, then it must take care of a trading business license, but if you have already taken care of the Business Identification Number, you do not need to take care of the letter again because the Business Identification Number has the same function as the business license. Arrangements for this letter can be done at the relevant government institution by visiting the institution itself without the help of other parties.

After the license has been successfully obtained, all that remains is to take care of further permits, namely taking care of commercial licenses or dealing with business licenses. For this license, it can be managed according to the business sector being carried out, so each business actor will issue a different permit. After all the permits have been successfully taken care of, the company or business entity created already has clear legality.

Advantages of Having a Legal Company

If you look at all the legality management processes that have been mentioned earlier, it is indeed a bit complicated to do and it will take a lot of time to get legality. However, business actors are required to do all of this because having clear legality will bring many benefits to the business actors.

The benefits that will certainly be felt are that business people no longer need to be secretive in running their business because the company being run or the business being run does not violate government regulations. In addition, it will also be easier for business people to get business partners if the business is legal.